Linda Peleshok


After All He’s Seen*
  1. 1. After All He’s Seen*

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After All He’s Seen 

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Linda Peleshok

I can recall music being a huge part of my life from a very young age. My much older brother Tim was learning to play guitar and discovered my ability to sing at the age of 4. “Sing it Linda,” was often heard in our home, as I was encouraged to perform for visiting family and friends. My voice was discovered around that time at church as well, and I performed at many church services, including a drive-in church service, on the back of a tractor-trailor, at the age of 6. I also sang at assemblies and concerts throughout school, including our high school musical “Oliver.” After completing both a Bachelor of Arts and Education, I was able again to focus a little more on music. I had the opportunity to do lots of studio work, singing lead and background vocals on original songs and commercial jingles for various songwriting friends. I spent several years recording and touring as a background vocalist with R & B artist Tamia before she hit it big with Quincy Jones’ “You Put A Move On My Heart.” While working as a vocal music and elementary teacher for GECDSB during the day, I also sang at night in local establishments and casinos in many bands throughout the years, such as Mr. Jones, Headliners, Good and Plenty, and more recently, Chapter Three. I am especially thrilled and proud to be part of this latest musical endeavour of my very talented friends Larry Thompson and Rick Beneteau.

“Music is has brought such joy to my life. It has introduced me to some of my greatest friends, and given me travel opportunities and experiences that I wouldn’t have otherwise had. It is a very powerful tool that reaches across all barriers and genres, touching those who are in tune with its’ intended messages. Music allows me to express and share the best part of myself with fellow musicians and audience members.”

From LT...

I've known Linda for many years. She has an honesty and heart felt passion in any vocal performance she delivers. Other talented singers I have had the opportunity to work with have commented that they wish they had "that thing" that Linda is gifted with to reach the heart. Her voice has a child-like quality but also a deep richness in the lower registers. So easy to work with and will drop almost anything she's doing to get into the studio to help out. Linda, you're a great talent and a great friend. Thanks for all you do!

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