Cheryl Hardy-Peeres


Whatever I Can*
  1. 1. Whatever I Can*
  2. 2. Me and My Dream*

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Whatever I CanMe and My Dream 

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Cheryl Hardy-Peeres
Cheryl Hardy has been singing professionally for many years and continues to enjoy performing regularly.  In the 80’s, Cheryl left Sheridan College’s Performing Arts Program to pursue a career singing on stage.  After singing in the popular Windsor group, “The Player’s Band” and a quick period fronting “L.A.”, Cheryl hit the road in a pop/show band called “Spellbound”.  Moving to London in the late 80’s, she continued on with “Player”, later “Spirit” and performed for many corporate events.  During this time, Cheryl worked with her brother, Ross Hardy (Hard Music Productions) to write, perform, and record original music in the Rock/Country Genre.  In the 90’s, Cheryl formed “Coming of Age”, which is still together today, performing for many Casinos, Clubs, and Corporate Venues.  Cheryl currently performs in two other bands, a Rock project called “Lipstick Scream!” and she sings backup for a Bee Gees Tribute, “Stayin’ Alive” touring internationally.  When not singing, Cheryl is a mother to 2 boys, 22 and 11, and is married to her bandmate in all 3 bands, Joe Peeres.
“Music is a Universal language that has the power to make us feel and discover who we are.  From an early age, I found music gave me strength I never knew I had; a confidence that grew through singing.  I never feel more powerful than I do when I’m singing.  Whatever instrument you choose, it becomes part of you and helps you express yourself through song.  I love music and I love that it is still such a big part of my life.”

From LT...

I met Cheryl when she was still in high school, singing at a Folk Festival at Georgetown District High School in the very early '80's. She won in "Best of Group" and the prize was a recording session at the studio I was working at in Toronto. We kept in touch over the next few years and I was aware she was at Sheridan for theatre. I had transplanted to Windsor for a playing gig and when the decisions was made to change up the format of the band to add a couple girls as front singers to carry all the pop tunes at the time, I called Cheryl. We went through a couple combinations of front singers, but ultimately ended up with Cheryl and Joan Charette who is also featured at MTM. Cheryl, thanks so much for sharing you gift with what we're trying to do here!

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