06 April 2016

Panda Express

Spring break 2016.

The family packed up and headed to Tallahassee Florida to visit my wife’s sister and family. Her brother and his crew were also heading down so it was a pretty massive invasion, but all the cousins got to hang for a week of fun. The drive down was most interesting. It reconfirmed that I’m just not very patient. I had undergone shoulder surgery three weeks prior and was supposed to be in a sling for another three. One of the rules was I wasn’t supposed to drive. However…

We’ve made this run quite a number of times over the years and I’m always the designated driver. I love to drive and once you plant me in the seat, short of fluids in and fluids out, I’ll pilot the family the 16 hours pretty much none stop (truth be told, did it in under 14 once.) However, trying to be compliant by sitting in the passenger seat on this run was a new adventure. I thought I was holding it together, but it seems my displeasure was being communicated. We stopped a couple of hours out and my wife asked me if I was ok. “Sure, it’s all good.” “Do you want to dri..” “YES, YES I DO!!!!!” I didn’t even give her a chance to finish the question. Life was once again good. This isn’t a sexist thing, it’s not about her driving. She’s a great driver. It was my need to contribute.

So, Panda Express. My brother in law has been involved with state govenment for years as council and is currently serving as Chief of Staff for the Florida Senate. Working downtown, he has become quite familiar with all the take-out places and has a fairly narrow favourites list. Saturday morning we went out to pick up potash to put on the onions in their garden and then to grab some food for the crew and Panda Express was the lunch-du-jour. The order was placed and as we were standing at the cash, I noticed this slogan on the backs of all the staff’s red shirts – “Make happy those who are and near & those who are far will come.” The thought really touched me.

At this writing, I’m have a small group of 74 subscribers to the musicthatmatters.com site. It’s still new and I’m finding my way around the process of building a list. But it occurred to me that the Panda Express slogan (which I discovered is not necessarily an original to the food chain) falls under the same karmic law as the “give more, get more” path suggested in the Master Key Master Mind Alliance course that I am finishing up. I have the opportunity now to do the best I can to serve those who have been so kind to sign up. The law of growth suggests that in doing this, more will come.

I find the law of “Do Unto Others…” is not only a good idea, but carries with it a promise of return – maybe not every time or in the way you might expect, but it comes back. I believe there to be other universal, eternal laws, that if even attempted with honest effort yields wonderful results.

Wishing you all a great 2016 with endless discoveries of how in fact “what a wonderful world this will be” when we give first.



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