28 March 2016

Not Pop

What you think about comes looking for you..

It’s occurred to me that, for many guests, a quick review of the current song list found on Music that Matters might be a little confusing. The songs really don’t sound like current mainstream pop or country or other up-to-the-moment genre. There are stylistic elements that may relate to past and present, but the reason for writing and delivering this music is not to compare or compete. This music is offered to simply deliver a message. The writing, style, production and technical execution is as honest as I am able, admittedly tweaked with Melodyne in places (an alternate choice to Auto-Tune) so as to compensate for my limited ability on brass and woodwinds, and a little vocal tuning – at the end of the day, it’s simply gotta be in time and in tune…

I hope, over time, our guests will come to understand that there is no desire to replace anyone’s personal playlist with MTM. The desire is to just augment. To provide the textual content of an uplifting article on moving forward with intent and confidence, offered in a melodic/harmonic setting. The up side to receiving these thoughts and wishes set to music can be that the message might stick a little better. It just might be something you find yourself singing to yourself. As was offered in a free report we offered when the MTM site was first opened, …It’s been suggested that our subconscious, where our habits reside, has no defence or judgment against the sound of our own voice. The things that we say out loud about ourselves and others will, over time, become our reality. What you think about comes looking for you. When we’re singing in the shower, in our heads at the office or in the car during the daily commute, what are we convincing ourselves of?”

MTM is pushing ahead with music production and other resources to share, intended to provide messages of hope and encouragement to all and especially those who are struggling, and aren’t we all from time to time. Should the songs offered at any one time not resonate with you, bookmark us and return to see if there’s something new that strikes a chord. Or better yet, sign up to join the MTM community and we’ll let you know when there’s something new on board.

Wishing you all the best.


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